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SHU is a brand of rainproof and windproof clothes from Saint Petersburg, Russia. The clothes are minimalistic with simple cut lines. Constantly evolving, SHU focused on the essential points in their development: technology, design and people, who create the brand day by day. The brand founded in 2012, and today SHU have already three stores – in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Yekaterinburg. The head office is located in Moscow. Intermediaries present rainproof clothes all over Russia from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka, and the delivery is organized to any corner of the world.
The production is located in China since there are no constraints, and every idea can be brought to reality. Everything is possible there – innovative technologies, a wide range of fabrics and accessories, any tint of colours. We are working in the thick of events, developing and releasing new models every year. We are in a whirlpool of creativity, extensive business and intuitive thinking.

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