Frederik IX Studios

Frederik IX Studios is a Danish jewellery brand grown by a fascination of the Danish King Frederik IX.

King Frederik IX had a classic style. He loved the life at the sea and, like other true seamen, adorned with tattoos, which he was proud of and happily showed. King Frederik IX was known as the King of the People. He was among all people – at pubs in Nyhavn, with native tribes in Africa and at parties with the royal family.

The King and his Swedish born Queen, Queen Ingrid, became the symbol of visionary monarchs. They founded a community and created relationships between the royal universe and the Danish population. A mission that has built a bridge from past to present, and contributed with great inspiration for Frederik IX Studios.

At Frederik IX Studios, we are inspired of King Frederik IX’s life and values. We have created a brand with a story that we wish to invite you into – and the hope is that you will be fascinated by the style and details of our jewellery.

Our design-universe is rooted in Scandinavia, with our Danish design and handmade products, but it is spiced with an international approach to trends and design.

We also find inspiration in the historical periods, the underground and the latest trends which is reflected in our elegant and massive jewellery.

The majority of our jewelleries are unisex, and they are perfect for detail-oriented individuals. Our vision is to design timeless jewelleries that appeal to everyone.

Our timeless, elegant and massive designs has endless possibilities to complete your personal look and style, and the jewellery can be used for any occasion.

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